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Defence Force Infrastructure

Anitcom supplies a range of supported and integrated soft, hard and bespoke shelters to meet the needs of organisations that have a requirement to deploy. If you work in it, eat in it, sleep in it, or wash in it we can provide a solution. We use a range of decision tools to ensure that the solutions we offer meet your requirements for cost, function, support and deployability.

Technical Capabilities

Anitcom’s approach is to be involved from concept to capability delivery to ensure that our clients get what they need, based on task specifications. Our staff have a broad range of technical expertise and real world experience that enables us to offer the following services:


Anitcom represents and range of shelter suppliers from around the world. These include articulated frame, inflatable, expandable containers, semi-permanent structures and purpose designed shelters for a range of applications from small command posts to deployable hospitals and air craft hangers.

Environmental Control

Anitcom can supply deployable environmental control units designed to operate and provide confortable working and living conditions in harsh environments. Our systems have been proven in operations around the world. We also offer forced ventilation systems to improve the comfort of people working inside shelters without the expense and energy consumption of air-conditioning.


Anitcom offers a range of low energy LED designed for shelters. Our lighting includes dimmer controls and tactical lighting settings.

Power and Energy

Generation - Anitcom offer a range of diesel and flex fuel generators including: - 0.8 to 4 Kva flex fuel generators - 4 Kva to 60 Kva diesel generators Anitcom’s generators are fitted with smart controllers that enable a range of control options depending on the generator. These include remote start, load sharing, synchronisation and remote monitoring.

Distribution - Anitcom’s Field Electrical Reticulation Kit (FERK) is made up of a range of distribution points and cables from 63 Amp 3 phase circuits to 32 Amp single phase circuits. All components comply with Australian standards including circuit breaker and RCD protection. Our distribution systems use C Form commercial connectors and can be connected by non-specialist staff. Monitoring and control – the FERC has options to include electrical load monitoring and remote load control. This provides the hardware to enable smart grid control for deployed electrical grids.


To complete the picture Anitcom supplies a range of deployment proven furniture including tables, chairs and desks. Our deployable whiteboards are also very popular.


Energy monitoring and analysis of frontline ADF units on a major defence exercise Delivery of a Role 2E hospital power generation and reticulation system to an Australian ally Analysis of deployed energy and water needs of ADF deployed forces and the development of solutions to meet those needs. Work conducted to a Defence research organisation Requirements analysis and options assessment for Forward Operating Base energy sources for a Defence research organisation