Our People

Our success relies on the professionalism and capability of our staff. Our people strive to practice the highest standards of personnel ethics, honesty and integrity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality products and services that meet our customer’s expectations. In doing so, our in-house technological development continually adapts and improves to meet the customer requirements as well as bringing new products and services to the market.


Anitcom is a systems integration provider who specialises in the design, integration, delivery and support of fixed and deployable network solutions and deployed infrastructure. Anitcom has extensive experience in demanding markets such as the Australian Defence Industry and Federal Government Agencies. Our business approach is therefore to learn and understand the specific challenges that face our clients from an operational perspective and use this knowledge to provide innovative technology and engineering solutions.

Quality Policy

​​​​​Anit​​​​com specialises in the planning, design and delivery of technically advanced communications networks; and the development of products for the expeditionary services market. The successful operation of the Company relies upon the co-operation and involvement of all the personnel at all levels. Th​e Objective of the Company is to have the desired quality of product and services that meet our customer requirements and expectations. Our commitment is to satisfy ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard requirements to enable us to focus and to continually improve by monitoring our inputs, outputs and process to affect a controlled improvement of our services and products. This will ensure the continued success of our Company and the satisfaction of customers and staff.